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Dry cleaning is a great option for preserving the quality of your delicate items. Each item is checked properly for stains E.g oil, blood, food...etc and pre-treated with suitable stain removers making sure the stains are out before they are dry cleaned. Delicate items such as silk, cashmere, wool, animal fur and other fragile garments consisting of more than one fabric type or stripes of leather parts are taken extra care of. Once cleaned and steamed each item is properly handled and placed on separate hangers to make sure the steamed and sharp look is maintained.


Dry cleaned items have proven to not only maintain their original shape, colours and looks for much longer and also to last longer.


Wet cleaning uses less water than traditional laundry. The small amount of water, combined with specialised detergent, safely cleans garments that previously could only be cleaned through dry cleaning.

Sparkle Dry Cleaners specialises in dry cleaning, wet cleaning, and wash and fold laundry, which allows us to clean just about anything.

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